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We have been very pleased with Iceman's Heat Lightning's kids so far and are looking foreward to more born in the months ahead. I will be adding them as they are born. Update: I have added some spotted bucks and does to the for sale pages. See registered does and registered bucks for sale pages also.

spotted buckling
spotted buckling and mom

Spotted/Dappled Buckling 
Price: $300
Born: 5/31/2011
Dam: Rosie (100% Nubian doe)
Sire: Ice Man's Heat Lightning(100% spotted buck)
This guy is impressive! He is getting HUGE and there is no way I can keep updated with his picture as he grows! He seems to get bigger every day! Nice grey spotted/dappled buckling that should throw spots! If papers are not important to you, then he is your guy! Mom is a registered spotted Nubian and dad is our spotted buck Heat Lightning.

100% Spotted/Dappled Buck
Spotted Buck at 1 month old

  Black and White Dappled Buck (SOLD)

 100% Boer Buck

Price: $1500

Born: 3/5/2011

Dam: Now IMANOREO (100% doe)
Sire: Ice Man's Heat Lightning (100% buck)
It's hard to find a spotted/dappled buck of this quality! He is absolutely perfect! Long ears, clean teated (2/2), fully pigmented and loud color to boot! He is a fifth generation spotted buck and will add spots to your herd! I was finally able to get some decent pictures. He is really growing nicely and keeping up with his pasture-mate, Prissy's buckling, that has multiple ennoblements in his pedigree! This buck is even more impressive in person.